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Introducing Master Hypnotherapist, Victoria Gallagher’s latest eBook and AudioBook : “Attract Good Luck.” Includes: 8 Life-Changing Hypnotherapy Sessions....

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Attract Good Luck eBook

"Attract Good Luck" eBook Included

Introducing “Attract Good Luck.” Victoria Gallagher’s latest eBook is Included with the Special Package! Learn the exact formula to Take Control of Your Life!...

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Attract Good Luck Audios

Listen, Learn, and Grow

“Attract Good Luck.” Audio Book Format is also Included with the Special Package! Listen and Learn and Change Your Life for the Better. Hours of Amazing and Insightful Techniques....

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Good Luck Hypnosis

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind!

“Good Luck Hypnosis” Receive 8 Amazing Hypnotherapy Sessions; Included with the Special Package! Relax and Listen Reprogram Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Ones....

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Hypnosis for Good Luck

How Does Hypnosis Work for Good Luck?

Hypnosis can help you Attract Good Luck because the Luck, or lack thereof is as a result of your Limiting Beliefs about yourself and about the world.  Some people believe that they create their own luck and it seems that these people happen to be luckier.  If believe that you are either born lucky or unlucky

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Good Luck Package

Attract Good Luck is an all encompassing “Life System,” that you can use on your entire self to attract any and all things and experiences you desire!

This dynamic new material is a combination of many disciplines. We utilize principles and techniques from Psychology, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Law of Attraction as well as others.

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Victoria’s Good Luck Story

Victoria’s Good Luck Story

I want to share with you my story of how I discovered an amazing system to attract the thing we all want more of in our lives; GOOD LUCK!

If you have any area of your life that is lacking; relationships, career, health, financial, happiness or well-being, then Attract Good Luck may be the missing tool to help you.

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Found $100 the First Day! –


“I have really enjoyed these sessions. I haven’t gotten through all of them yet, but each one leaves me feeling in a much more positive and confident mood. I purchased this one and another one – the Luck Series. Literally the first day I started these, I was driving to work and happened to glance and see money on the road. I thought…this is crazy, maybe my eyes were deceiving me, but I turned around and parked my car. I looked on the road and found a wallet open with money floating in the air on the road. The wallet had no id and over $100 in it. Coincidence? Maybe not!?”

I love this Wonderful Program! –

Tony B

“This Good Luck program is wonderful. Within the week, it was like- WOW! I could start to see changes in my daily progress. I would get the best parking spot just in time or items I liked in stores would be on sale without me looking for one. The part that made me notice these things was how often it happened because it became constant. Every session I listened to just helped increase my luck. By the time I was finished listening to the whole program, every aspect of life changed. The most important change in my life, however, was my mindset. While listening to the program, especially with the Morning Meditation, I began to feel my life getting better and my luck being more powerful than ever. This is truly a life changing experience. Thank you, Victoria!”

A Masterpiece –

Jannine R

“These sessions are pleasing and helpful. I noticed results immediately in lots of little ways … from….finding unexpected objects representing good fortune to having more positive interactions with other people….it is a good all around hypnotherapy session that improves life on all levels, physically , mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you Victoria for creating a masterpiece…for helping others!!!!!…”